Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T7200 Preview (Intel® Core™ for Mobile)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Article: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T7200 Preview (Intel® Core™ for Mobile)

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I. Introduction

The Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T7000 series of processors is the successor processor to the Apple* baby which is the first "Core" processor, the Intel® Core™ Duo T2000 series. This processor is the younger brother of Conroe (desktop) and Woodcrest (server). It shares all the features of the desktop and server brothers, only that, this processor is targetted for mobile computing.

Currently, I haven't really seen any major OEM to release a motherboard based on i975 to fully support it except AOpen* with their very infamous AOpen* i975Xa-YDG which was released Q1'06 to support Yonah. It turned out later that Yonah, the first generation "Core" will be socket and VRM compatible with Merom, the next generation "Core" (hence, the "2" after the "Core" and before the word "Duo").

Just like Yonah, this processor lacks in clockspeed and system bus speed. It still runs on 667MHz processor system bus (166MHz FSB) but is a very capable processor since it is based on the newer uA. The processor doesn't boast of high clock frequency, but what it lacks in that, it makes up for the size of L2 cache. With a full 4MB of L2 cache, it can rival even desktop processors in terms of pure performance. And just like Yonah, and the same for all its brothers in the "Core" uA, it still uses a northbridge to communicate to all other subsystems, which reminds me, how AMDroids tried to put down FSB saying integrated memory is king, which, as we all know now, is that FSB isn't dead and that integrated memory doesn't really offer anything new. Gone are the days where disbelief at how such efficiency can be achieved with out the integrated memory controller. And in time, performance per watt reigns supreme and the new mantra and the long standing FSB bottleneck myth is now broken, shattered, "in-your-face" shoving of truth to the detractors and vindication for the non-swaying believers. But enough of this, and let's move on the specifications...

II. Specification

The Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T7200 has the following specifications:

  • sSpec: ??
  • Frequency: 2000 MHz (2.00GHz)
  • Core: Merom
  • Process: 65nm
  • Package: Socket479
  • Core Voltage: 1.19v
  • Bus Speed: 166MHz
  • L2 Cache: 4096KB^
  • Multiplier: 12
  • Stepping: B2-6
  • Thermal Specification: ??
  • Thermal Guideline: ??
  • Platform Compatibility: ??
  • EM64T: Yes
  • Execute Disable: Yes
  • Hyperthreading Technology: No
  • Virtualization: No
  • Core per Package: 2
  • L2 Cache per Core: Shared 4096KB^

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